Welcome to BATH UTOPIA, where you will find your "SPA IN A JAR".

There is simply no replacing a good soak in the tub, its one of life's simple pleasures and a natural way to let go
of daily stress and allow your mind to drift.  For years, many have benefited from adding either Epsom Salts
or Dead Sea Salts to their bath to create an ideal home spa experience. 

The idea to start Bath Utopia was both simple and is ever inspiring for me, to share this wonderful experience I have been
enjoying all these years with others.  Whether you are in need of a restful nights sleep or are seeking relief from any one of the
many common ailments and or discomforts, let Bath Utopia soak your troubles away and
experience the feeling and relaxation
of a therapeutic spa in your home.

Bath Utopia uses a combination of three (3) salts; Premium grade Dead Sea, Pharmaceutical grade Epsom and 
Pink Himalayan Salt - thus providing maximum benefit of these therapeutic salts.  We use only 100% pure organic
essential oils with our “infused blends”.  There are no carrier oils, synthetic oils, anti-clumping/caking agents, or dyes
added to our product. The “pink hue” you see in our bath salts is the natural color provided from the Pink Himalayan Salt.


Contents: Premium Grade Dead Sea-Salt; Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom Salt™; Himalayan Pink Salt®; and Pure Organic Essential Oils.

  • skin softening
  • promote restful sleep
  • ease sore muscles
  • relieve pain associated with arthritis
  • dermatitis
  • psoriasis
  • remove harmful toxins
  • ease migraines
  • reduce inflammation
  • improve circulation
These are just a few of the many beneficial properties.

These bath salts are also excellent to use as a foot soak for your in-home pedicure, or just to soak aching, tired feet.
They can also help alleviate swollen feet & ankles after being on your feet all day or from traveling.  The salts can reduce
and neutralize foot odor, plus help heal athletes foot.  Be sure to pack some in your travel bag on your next excursion
nd enjoy a soak when you reach your destination.    Happy Soaking.


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